I am one who through the years has been skeptical of chiropractic care for a number of reasons but particularly because I had some bad experiences with a couple of chiropractors. As a result, I was hesitant at first to come see Dr. Steve a couple of years ago when members of the church I attend told me of the great care they had received at Byrne Chiropractic and how much better they felt after going there. I was having a lot of pain in my neck and back. Dr. Byrne has helped relieve a lot of that pain.

Last week when Dr. Steve didn’t have any appointments available I was seen by Dr. Singer who has joined the practice,
Her technique was a little different but she too gave me a great deal of relief. I saw her again yesterday and once again she helped me a lot. I slept the best last night that I have slept in a long time because my pain was less. I still have further to go to get loosened up and freed of pain but I am thankful for these two special chiropractors who are genuinely interested in helping their patients feel better!

If you are in need of a chiropractor I highly recommend you give Byrne Chiropractic office a call and see Dr. Singer or Dr. Byrne!


Pastor Chuck

Our purpose is to inspire, educate and adjust as many families as possible back toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care. We’ve helped many people on their journey to better health and would love to do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Following Dr. Steve’s eating guidelines and nutritional supplements I have not taken a Tums since June 15, 2010 (down from 20-25 a day). Also I stopped taking the daily 24-hour antacid … most of the time my pain level for my stomach and intestines is 0 (down from 4.5)! I have had other improvements in my overall health as well.

Ron P.

Suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was not sure how much chiropractic could help me. I was skeptical and tended to rely on my traditional physicians. I had suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for years. I had tried medications and changed my diet but was still suffering.

Since beginning care I feel less stiffness in my arms and hands. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. I also have more energy and feel my attitude is better.

– Sandra D.

Nutrition Response Testing

I experienced severe headaches, shoulder and neck pain and felt run down for about two months. Headaches were a constant and woke me up at night. I lived on Motrin!

I was the biggest skeptic. I thought Dr. Byrne was crazy! I just went with it because I knew I probably wouldn’t feel any worse!

The first exam consisted of muscle testing. I held different chemicals in my hand and Dr. Byrne tested my response. (This is the part I thought was nuts!) After various tests like this and an SRE, we discovered my body was in constant “Fight or Flight” response, which triggered my symptoms and was ultimately sending my pituitary gland into dysfunction.

My first visit after the SRE, we did nutrition testing and found a cadmium toxicity on top of everything else. I was a mess! So I started on nutrition supplements, including my lifesaver pituitrophin PMG. No lie, the day after I began these supplements my headaches were gone. I also started having weekly adjustments and massages. I’m about 4 weeks into my treatment plan and I feel great! No headaches, stiff neck or shoulders, and I’m not on “edge.” It’s amazing.

Again, I thought this was all a placebo. Whether or not it is, I don’t care because I feel great, like a 31-year-old should!

– Andrea S.

Migraine Relief

I suffered from extreme migraines to the point where I would sleep 18-20 hours a day on both Saturday and Sunday to re-coop from the migraines during the week. I was seeing several doctors and paying $75 a month in prescription drugs. They were not working and I felt like my overall health was getting worse.

I was very reluctant to come to see Dr. Byrne, but I am so glad I did! I feel like my overall health has improved 98%, I am sleeping through the night and have my weekends back. I have had only had 1 migraine in 5 weeks and I use to have them weekly. I truly feel and believe that faith led me to Byrne Chiropractic!

– Valenda W.

Improved Quality of Life

I had severe, constant debilitating back pain that disrupted all aspects of my daily life, including work, sleep, house and yard work and even my mood. The pain was present for more than a year. I consulted various specialists, including doctors and physical therapists and took every type of pain medication without any answers or relief.

I feel 100% better! With the combination of structural adjustments and proper nutritional balance, I feel like a whole new person. I very rarely have pain, and when I do it is quite minimal and short lasting. Dr. Byrne is one of the most knowledgeable, competent and intelligent practitioners I have ever met. I do strongly believe my quality of life has improved since becoming his client. Even my husband and co-workers have commented on my improved attitude due to the decreased pain. As a physical therapist in the medical field, I feel that Dr. Byrne and his holistic approach to healing is a huge asset to the health care field. I hope he continues to help people the way he has helped me.

– Amy N.

Increased Energy Levels

I had a lot of headaches, usually three or more times a week. Not only migraines, but a lot of my headaches would start in the base of my neck and it was normal for these types of headaches to last for a couple of days.

I had headaches often as a young adult and I never thought anything of them, so I never went to the doctor or anything. They were just a part of my life and I thought it was normal. I was quite surprised when my husband told me he has never had a headache. I thought everyone had them. I took Ibuprofen on a regular basis, 800mg at a time.

I started coming to Byrne Chiropractic and have not had a headache since about my third or fourth visit. I no longer have pain in my neck and haven’t had even one migraine. I have also noticed an increase in my energy levels and my allergies haven’t been as bad. I don’t know why I waited so long!

– Dianna P.