I see Steve weekly for now because I have a lot going on. He has given me back my life. Besides getting off allergy medicine I have energy , eat less and sleep through the night . Steve encourages me and makes me feel we are in this journey together and I am not alone. He has helped me so much.
– Cindy W.

Where do I begin? Not only was my family welcomed to the office with kindness and respect from everyone, Dr. Byrne has helped us all in so many ways over the past 4 years. I lived with daily headaches for almost 20 years. Those are completely gone. He has replaced potentially harmful medicines I was taking with safer, natural supplements. He has helped me with sleeping issues. He has helped my son with physical pains from playing as a goalie in hockey and riding dirt bikes. I feel that every time I see him, he gives a little piece of himself, his energy to help me. He educates me so that I understand how my body works and how to keep it strong and healthy. I wish there were words to explain what Dr. Byrne has done to help me. Grateful to him and every one of his staff for creating such a wonderful place of healing. 
– Carrie F.

Dr. Byrne was recommended to me when I was not able to lift my left arm above my head.  I had seen my MD and was going to physical therapy, with very little results plus my right shoulder was beginning to freeze up too. The Byrne Chiropractic office performed routine scans of my back and when I sat with Dr. Byrne, thinking I was going to receive adjustments…he informed me he could not adjust my back at that time.  My small intestine was so tight it was pulling at my back causing my back to pull my first rib up interfering with my shoulder movements!

He placed me on enzymes and applied some acupressure to my shoulder.  The acupressure helped right away with the pain.  I began taking the enzymes, 2 with every meal, and my stomach began to feel better…and I did not even realize it could feel better!  Just after 2 weeks on the enzymes, he was able to adjust my whole body.  This was over 5 years ago and I have been a steady client since.  I am not as young as I would like to be, but I do not act my age so I really need someone to keep me in LINE!  Feeling better even when you did not feel bad, well that is a blessing.
– Sheryl M.

Finding Dr. Steve and his practice has been such a blessing to our family! I first came to him looking for help with some jaw issues but have gotten more out of my visits with him than I ever could have imagined. Dr. Steve has helped me to believe that our bodies can heal themselves and to be a true advocate for our own health and well-being. He listens, WANTS to help and is always willing to go the extra mile. I have an asthmatic son and since seeing him he hasn’t had a single episode. Whether it is coincidence or not I don’t know but whatever he does seems to be working! He has helped my husband with a bulging disc and we now even come see him with any issues or illness before going to our primary care physician. I am now also seeing his wife Dr. Janella to help me further get to the root cause of some things and she is just as amazing! I love everything about this office including all the super sweet girls that work the front desk! It truly feels like family there and I can’t thank Dr. Steve and Dr. Janella enough for all they have done and continue to do. My family is so thankful.
– Raelyn T.

At the time Nora was 2 years old. Having 5 other children I was becoming very aware that Nora was not on track developmentally. I had also recently read the book Create a Brain by Debi Pearl confirming my suspicions. We quickly made an appointment with Dr. Byrne. On the 1st appointment he was able to establish that the corpus colosseum, a major band of nerve fibers connecting the left and right brain was not proper sending signals. Although she was learning, she was not able to properly execute desired words and tasks. Within 1 week Nora was beginning to speak full words instead of 1 syllable at a time, started playing with toys and had decided to use the potty full time. She had shown interest time and time again about using the potty and it never did fully click. After her adjustments and energy work she just started using the bathroom like she had been doing it for months. 

Until that appointment, Nora had never played with toys. She was constantly creating trouble but never engaged in actual play. We had to keep a constant eye on her because a quiet moment was troublesome. Within that same 1st week we found Nora tucked away playing dolls and furnishing the dollhouse properly with its figurines. Quite elaborate play for never playing before. It was like she had been watching things happen for months but couldn’t do them herself. With her ability to now say full words and use her body functionally, all fit throwing had stopped because she was able to fully express herself.

I strongly believe that addressing Nora’s issues early helped to resolve the issues quickly. In the past year, seeing Dr. Byrne approximately every 2-3 months, Nora is now 3 years old- speaking full sentences, playing, loves to do pre-school work, takes pride in helping full-time as a big sister and is full of life and vigor, a pure joy to be with. 

We are very thankful for Dr. Byrne and his ability to trust our intuitions as parents, work alongside of us and for providing quality assessments and adjustments for our entire family. 
– Nikki S.

I am so grateful for Dr. Byrne & his staff! They are awesome! I developed a rare, painful, & debilitating nerve condition after an injury in my foot. I couldn’t walk for many months & I kept getting worse, even with medical treatment. I started seeing Dr. Byrne a year into my condition & he is the only person that has helped me improve. I used to need the assistance of a walker due to the pain, but now I only need it for long distances. Not being able to walk properly caused a lot of other issues in my body, but those are so much better too! I thank God for helping me find Byrne Chiropractic Wellness Center! I was feeling pretty hopeless & now I am hopeful for a full recovery.
– Anonymous

During my health journey, I have been in search of a practitioner that could treat the root cause of my symptoms, while taking a holistic approach in the overall improvement of my well-being. The level of service at Byrne Chiropractic has far exceeded my expectations! Dr. Byrne is very personable, diligent, and committed to giving his patients high quality care. Besides receiving chiropractic services, I have greatly benefited from the massage services provided by Janine. She uses her experience to complement each patient’s individual needs, while partnering with Dr. Byrne to deliver comprehensive support.

Since being a patient of Byrne Chiropractic, I have experienced healing and gained valuable knowledge about my health. In addition, I appreciate the kindness of the office staff that is always willing to help. I would highly recommend Byrne Chiropractic to anyone that is looking to positively change the way they feel, inside and out!
– Brittany A.

Dr. Byrne is a miracle worker. He has helped me reduce stress, feel better physically, sleep more soundly, and increase my overall well-being day to day. He and his staff are always welcoming and the facilities are outstanding. I highly recommend Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center to anyone seeking to improve their health and well-being.
– Jeff R.

I have SO many success stories that stem from Byrne Chiropractic over the last 3 years!  Between Dr. Steve and Janella, they got my body back on track after dealing with an IBS type issue for over 4 years.  Each and every time I see Dr. Steve, he corrects what is wrong, regardless of what it is.  He truly has a gift, and every time I see him I think of him as my “miracle worker”!  He’s also done his “miracle” for my mom, who’s only been going to him for a few months but the progress she’s made is just incredible.  I’ve also referred other family members and friends, and I’m so happy that he keeps us all on track!!  I feel very fortunate that he and your entire office are a part of my life!!
– Amy B.

I came to see Dr. Byrne several weeks after an extreme physical reaction to an epidural from Dr. Lewis at Michigan Pain Consultants. This was on September 8, 2021.  She did not tell me her injection plans. All she told me was that I have arthritis at L-5. I really had no idea what that meant and certainly didn’t think it was going to mean an epidural injection!

For over a month and a half, I could barely walk and my left leg was weakened, along with many other muscles I’m sure. I had to concentrate to walk and couldn’t walk a straight line for some time. I didn’t drive for 8 weeks!

After 2-3 visits with Dr. Byrne, I was able to walk normally and my walking has been slowly improving. I believe many of my muscles have been weakened (and still are) due to the steroids, and the fact that I’m 77 years young.
– Carol S.

I was diagnosed with shingle nerve pain in my back and after going to Byrne Chiropractor He was able to get rid of the nerve pain which wasn’t shingles after all!!! 

– Kim B.

The team at Byrne Chiropractic has helped me on my path to wellness in numerous ways, both mentally and physically — I look forward to seeing them for years to come!  I highly recommend the staff at Byrne for your health.
– Matt K.


I am one who through the years has been skeptical of chiropractic care for a number of reasons but particularly because I had some bad experiences with a couple of chiropractors. As a result, I was hesitant at first to come see Dr. Steve a couple of years ago when members of the church I attend told me of the great care they had received at Byrne Chiropractic and how much better they felt after going there. I was having a lot of pain in my neck and back. Dr. Byrne has helped relieve a lot of that pain.

Last week when Dr. Steve didn’t have any appointments available I was seen by Dr. Singer who has joined the practice,
Her technique was a little different but she too gave me a great deal of relief. I saw her again yesterday and once again she helped me a lot. I slept the best last night that I have slept in a long time because my pain was less. I still have further to go to get loosened up and freed of pain but I am thankful for these two special chiropractors who are genuinely interested in helping their patients feel better!

If you are in need of a chiropractor I highly recommend you give Byrne Chiropractic office a call and see Dr. Singer or Dr. Byrne!


Pastor Chuck

Our purpose is to inspire, educate and adjust as many families as possible back toward optimal health through natural chiropractic care. We’ve helped many people on their journey to better health and would love to do the same for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Following Dr. Steve’s eating guidelines and nutritional supplements I have not taken a Tums since June 15, 2010 (down from 20-25 a day). Also I stopped taking the daily 24-hour antacid … most of the time my pain level for my stomach and intestines is 0 (down from 4.5)! I have had other improvements in my overall health as well.

Ron P.

Suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis

I was not sure how much chiropractic could help me. I was skeptical and tended to rely on my traditional physicians. I had suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for years. I had tried medications and changed my diet but was still suffering.

Since beginning care I feel less stiffness in my arms and hands. I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. I also have more energy and feel my attitude is better.

– Sandra D.

Nutrition Response Testing

I experienced severe headaches, shoulder and neck pain and felt run down for about two months. Headaches were a constant and woke me up at night. I lived on Motrin!

I was the biggest skeptic. I thought Dr. Byrne was crazy! I just went with it because I knew I probably wouldn’t feel any worse!

The first exam consisted of muscle testing. I held different chemicals in my hand and Dr. Byrne tested my response. (This is the part I thought was nuts!) After various tests like this and an SRE, we discovered my body was in constant “Fight or Flight” response, which triggered my symptoms and was ultimately sending my pituitary gland into dysfunction.

My first visit after the SRE, we did nutrition testing and found a cadmium toxicity on top of everything else. I was a mess! So I started on nutrition supplements, including my lifesaver pituitrophin PMG. No lie, the day after I began these supplements my headaches were gone. I also started having weekly adjustments and massages. I’m about 4 weeks into my treatment plan and I feel great! No headaches, stiff neck or shoulders, and I’m not on “edge.” It’s amazing.

Again, I thought this was all a placebo. Whether or not it is, I don’t care because I feel great, like a 31-year-old should!

– Andrea S.

Migraine Relief

I suffered from extreme migraines to the point where I would sleep 18-20 hours a day on both Saturday and Sunday to re-coop from the migraines during the week. I was seeing several doctors and paying $75 a month in prescription drugs. They were not working and I felt like my overall health was getting worse.

I was very reluctant to come to see Dr. Byrne, but I am so glad I did! I feel like my overall health has improved 98%, I am sleeping through the night and have my weekends back. I have had only had 1 migraine in 5 weeks and I use to have them weekly. I truly feel and believe that faith led me to Byrne Chiropractic!

– Valenda W.

Improved Quality of Life

I had severe, constant debilitating back pain that disrupted all aspects of my daily life, including work, sleep, house and yard work and even my mood. The pain was present for more than a year. I consulted various specialists, including doctors and physical therapists and took every type of pain medication without any answers or relief.

I feel 100% better! With the combination of structural adjustments and proper nutritional balance, I feel like a whole new person. I very rarely have pain, and when I do it is quite minimal and short lasting. Dr. Byrne is one of the most knowledgeable, competent and intelligent practitioners I have ever met. I do strongly believe my quality of life has improved since becoming his client. Even my husband and co-workers have commented on my improved attitude due to the decreased pain. As a physical therapist in the medical field, I feel that Dr. Byrne and his holistic approach to healing is a huge asset to the health care field. I hope he continues to help people the way he has helped me.

– Amy N.

Increased Energy Levels

I had a lot of headaches, usually three or more times a week. Not only migraines, but a lot of my headaches would start in the base of my neck and it was normal for these types of headaches to last for a couple of days.

I had headaches often as a young adult and I never thought anything of them, so I never went to the doctor or anything. They were just a part of my life and I thought it was normal. I was quite surprised when my husband told me he has never had a headache. I thought everyone had them. I took Ibuprofen on a regular basis, 800mg at a time.

I started coming to Byrne Chiropractic and have not had a headache since about my third or fourth visit. I no longer have pain in my neck and haven’t had even one migraine. I have also noticed an increase in my energy levels and my allergies haven’t been as bad. I don’t know why I waited so long!

– Dianna P.