Dr. Sarah is a recent graduate of the Chiropractic program at National University of Health Sciences and of the ACES animal chiropractic program. She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and studied Sports Medicine and Nutrition at University of Illinois at Chicago. This is where she discovered the magic healing abilities of Chiropractic after suffering from a sports injury and recovering with Chiropractic.

Dr. Sarah is passionate about helping humans and animals alike with a holistic and gentle approach to healing injuries, chronic stress related pain and everything in between. She has experience in multiple different techniques including Activator, Instrument assisted soft tissue, Kinesiology taping, muscle testing and diversified manual adjusting. She is studying Applied Kinesiology under Dr. Byrne and is incorporating it into her skill set.

Dr. Sarah loves to read and study about nutrition and herbal remedies while also utilizing them in her own daily life. When she isn’t in the office, you can find her using Chiropractic to help heal horses and dogs. She enjoys spending time paddleboarding and kayaking with her own dog, golfing, boating, reading and sewing. She’s very excited to make Michigan her new home!