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Family Health Care at Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center

At Byrne Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Rockford chiropractor Dr. Stephen Byrne takes a holistic view of health, treating your whole person to bring you greater wellness. When your health is optimized, you can lead a happier, more fulfilling life!

We’ll use all the tools at our disposal to solve your health needs, including

Our warm, friendly team listens to your needs while providing a comfortable, home-like environment to put you at ease.

Our Mission

We honor life, health and the healing process. We treat each person that walks through these doors just how we like to be treated, with love, compassion, understanding and truth. Along with giving the highest quality chiropractic care, our goal is to provide the education and inspiration needed to help families make the positive lifestyle changes and choices to experience the greatest optimal health, happiness, well-being and fulfillment for a lifetime.

Comprehensive, Cutting-edge Care

Our Doctors thoroughly analyze each of our patients to figure out exactly how we can help them. We may recommend the use of different services during your visits to boost your progress. Our neurologically based chiropractic addresses your nervous system, finding the cause of health problems. The goal is to restore the integrity of the nervous system, which is the control system for the entire body. We utilize advanced technology and equipment to restore the balance to your body.

Get on the path toward optimal health, starting today! Schedule an appointment by contacting our helpful, knowledgeable team. Insurance is accepted.

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